Welcome to Double Drivel.

Gotta work every day, gotta not be cliche, gotta stand out like Andre 3k

-Lil’ Wayne

This is about the site. Here’s more about me.

When I set out to start this website, I only had a few definite goals as part of my vision:

  1. That this would serve as a repository for my thoughts on every sport, and maybe some contributions from other writers who wanted a place to put their stuff.
  2. That it wouldn’t only be built only on massive stat dumps and microscopic analysis that only appeals to armchair GMs and statisticians; there’d be something for everyone including the more casual fan and the non-fan, ranging from lighter, big-picture articles to off-the wall hypotheticals. and fun content that’s ultimately pointless.
  3. That it didn’t matter to me how many or how few people came looking around (though traffic is always nice). I want to write, and I want to put it somewhere that I control.
  4. That this would be consistent. Content will continue to appear here, same times every week, for richer or for poorer (in the erratic early days, this isn’t quite figured out yet).
  5. That it would be fun for everyone involved, from readers, to contributors (hypothetical at this stage, but I can dream), to me.

This all boils down to a single mission statement.

The goal of this site is to provide enjoyable, quality, and wide-reaching content to anyone who wants it. Consistently. Period.

So, enjoy. Browse, read, comment, like, whatever you want. If you dig what you read, put in your email and hit the subscribe button on the right side of the page. All it will ever do is send an e-mail when new content appears. No newsletter, and there will never be spam. Finally, once more:

Read. Enjoy. Hopefully, laugh a bit. Come back whenever you like. There’s always going to be something new to read, and it’s only going to get better from here.